The route to smart service management

Practical Service Management solutions that work

Organizations face the challenge of being agile in organizing, further digitizing their business processes and meeting the ever-increasing demands that customers place on their services. This requires a good organization of Service Management processes. With SMart we offer practical and sustainable Service Management solutions. The SMart approach is smart, simple and flexible. The human factor is central here.

What does the SMart approach look like?

Analysis and advice
To gain insight into the current situation, a Service Management expert will perform a baseline measurement. Here questions such as "Where are we now?" and "Where do we want to go?" answered. The results of the baseline measurement are used to map out the route to the desired situation. This is described in an advisory report with concrete recommendations to realize the desired and required changes.

In order to be able to make a good analysis, we approach the Service Management organization from five elementary dimensions: cooperation, force field, structure, ambition and attitude & behavior. In this approach, the inner world (structure and behavior) and the outside world (goals and forces) are connected. The integrated approach of these five perspectives ensures that both the substantive side and the 'process' are represented in this.

Implementation and optimization
Our Service Management experts determine together with the client what is really important. The approach for implementation and optimization is tailored to this: a familiar waterfall project or according to the Lean or Agile / Scrum method. So we always use an approach that best fits the organization.

In order to guarantee the implementation and transfer the knowledge, we use the 'show up, do together and do it yourself model'.

We use our own best practices (Smart®), supplemented with best practices in the market (such as ISM, FSM, USM, ITIL, ASL, BiSL, Lean, Agile / Scrum and DevOps). The practical applicability in the work situation always comes first.

It is our conviction, supported by a great deal of experience, that this combination is the key to achieving real results with lasting effect. It gives the organization and its employees the ability to continuously improve.

SMart consultancy, interim management, training & coaching

With the SMart "do" model we make the usual "think" models (such as ISM, FSM, USM, ITIL), practically applicable for our clients. We do this by delivering ready-made template packages, with which the customer can independently implement Service Management solutions. We also support our customers with consultancy and project management for Service Management implementations, fulfilling interim management functions and training organizations and coaching individuals. We do this with a mix of enthusiasm, passion, extensive practical experience and an eye for people.

SMart-GO implementation packages

The SMart-Go packages enable you to get started in a simple way with the smart design and implementation of the Service Management processes and procedures in your organization. These packages support the current models such as: ISM, USM, FSM, ITIL, ASL and BiSL.

We have compiled three sets: basic (bronze), expanded (silver) and complete (gold).

Process managers Course

We help process managers master the trade and learn the practical skills to actually 'manage' the Service Management processes.

We have developed a (ITSM) Process Management course of three (3) days for this. The course is practical and focused on applicability in daily practice of the Process Manager. We approach everything from the Process Manager and not from the theoretical models or frameworks. The course is suitable for both starting and more experienced (ITSM) Process Managers.

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