People & Team Performance

Teams in flexible organizations

Transformation and increasing agility are central themes for organizations that operate in a rapidly changing market.

Many organizations have adopted an Agile or Lean way of working. This leads to existing management paradigms changing rapidly. The functioning of teams, the utilization of human resources and leadership are central and are increasing in importance.

But what makes it possible for teams to excel?

Team Improvement Framework

The goal is to let teams achieve exceptional results, to make more teams bear more responsibility for organizing their work, and to make team members enjoy their work more. To achieve this, an approach of five elementary dimensions is needed: cooperation, force field, structure, ambition and attitude & behavior.

Watson & Associates has shaped this approach in the Team Improvement Framework. The Team Improvement Framework approaches the five dimensions in mutual cohesion. The inner world (structure and behavior) and outside world (goals and forces) are connected to each other. The integral approach to these five perspectives ensures that both the content side and the process are represented herein.

The approach

We use the Team Performance Framework to map the growth potential of the teams. From the five dimensions, it is determined for each team which intervention the team needs to realize the potential. Both the team and the team member are looked at. Watson & Associates has effective working methods and analyzes to be able to select the right interventions. These interventions are then carried out and the progress is made visible. This process is supported by experienced coaches from Watson & Associates.

Team DNA scan

Ask for our free Team DNA scan to measure what the team members in your organization think are the essential themes to realize their potential. You get a good picture of what the team is good at and where there are important opportunities for development. You receive a compact analysis, conclusion and explanation with recommendations.

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