When we ask the participants at the start of our training if they find themselves creative, most people answer this question in the negative. When we ask questions, it appears that we design and associate creativity with the artistic process of shaping. We apparently think you should be a talent in drawing. We think differently about that.

Design Thinking is not exclusively reserved for designers. We call it Design Thinking, because we use the methods of designers and design teams to systematically learn, experiment and test. This is a people-oriented approach to finding solutions to problems in a creative and innovative way.

Design Thinking fits seamlessly with the Lean and Agile principles and is a valuable addition when it comes to problems that are not based on an existing one current state can be approached, problems that require innovation. Design Thinking is in full development and we are regularly asked: what is Design Thinking? Watson & Associates has one especially for this awareness training developed from half a day.

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Henk Drenth, partner.