On Wednesday, March 4, Henk, Jeroen and Rob were present at the annual NL Groeit event in Ahoy Rotterdam on invitation. It was a very inspiring afternoon and evening. NL Groeit organizes a platform for and by entrepreneurs with an emphasis on learning from each other and sharing experiences of entrepreneurs about their experiences with the growth of their organizations. A very successful formula in which the more experienced entrepreneurs coach a number of less experienced entrepreneurs free of charge. We too all have a growth coach who will help us with our personal growth questions in the coming period. It was very inspiring and chaired by Pieter Zwart from Coolblue, among others. We wondered who in the room has never received a package from him. There were several speakers and under the leadership of either Umberto Tan or Jeroen Pauw there were appealing interviews with the surprise of a performance by Maan.

The following speakers, among others, spoke: Rayond Cloosterman (Rituals), Verne Harnish (Scaleup Company), Ralph Hamers (ING), Mona Keizers (Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Climate), Peter Heerschop (cabarettier), Ronald Koeman (football coach) , Jiste Groen (Home Delivery), Nikkie Plessen (Fashion), Colette van Eerd (Jumbo) and of course Pieter Zwart from Coolblue.