On 7 and 8 October the 8 became the edition of the Lean Digital Summit organized in Paris. Watson & Associates has been present for years to hear the latest developments and to gain new inspiration. It is impossible to summarize a two-day program with keynotes, practical cases and workshops in one short article. Nevertheless, a number of things were striking that are relevant for organizations with a Digital Transformation or Performance Improvement agenda:

  • A shift from 'reactive' continuous improvement and problem solving, to 'proactive' extreme customer focus, innovation and design thinking
  • More attention to the development of desired behavior / habits and the use of human potential through coaching techniques such as Kata and Harada
  • By transcending tools, frameworks and techniques and combining different insights and disciplines, much more improvement potential is created for organizations
  • Heart and mindset is the starting point from which the digital transformation must be deployed. The essence of Lean and Agile thinking.

In addition to all the positive sounds, new insights and inspiration, there is also a sad observation: there are very few examples of organizations that have successfully implemented a digital transformation. These changes take a long time (around 10 years) and the few examples where success is achieved are often accompanied by drastic changes in the organization.

So there is work to be done. Watson & Associates will be working with the take-aways in the coming period, so that we can use these for our clients. Stay tuned!

You can do many of the presentations that have been given here see. For more information, contact Henk Drenth, Hannes Velt, Ard-Jan Hartman of Roald Droog.