Lean and Lean Six Sigma training

Linking theory and practice

Watson & Associates provides Lean and Lean Six Sigma training at Yellowbelt (beginner), Greenbelt (intermediate) and Blackbelt (expert) level. The aim is not only to train, but also to achieve demonstrable improvements for the organization and its customers. That is why we always link theory to practice. For participants, this means that they can start using the knowledge they have acquired in order to gain practical experience. For the organizations, this means that the training usually pays for itself immediately by increasing added value for the customer and reducing waste. For this reason, many organizations choose to engage Watson & Associates for in-company Lean training. Training and inspiring people and achieving improvements for the organization go hand-in-hand.


The Lean and Lean Six Sigma curriculum of Watson & Associates meets international standards, including IASSC, ASQ and IIBLC. This guarantees that all required subjects are covered in our Lean and Lean Six Sigma courses and that the participants receive a certificate that is internationally recognized. The Watson & Associates trainers are certified and have a great deal of knowledge and experience. In addition, they themselves are daily in the middle of practice at complex organizations in various market sectors.

The Watson Academy

De Watson Academy offers participants a modern online learning environment in which information is shared and exams can be taken. The courses are usually in class and are designed interactively with assignments and simulations. Watson & Associates strives for organizations to be able to train their own employees. We therefore also offer train-the-trainer programs, in which we make the necessary materials available to the organization for internal use.

We also provide our workshops and training in-company for your organization. Ask about the possibilities or request a quote without obligation.