How do we work together?

Collaborating independent professionals

The partners and associates of Watson & Associates are independent professionals. So experienced and enterprising people. We like to work together in order to be able to offer even better solutions to our clients. Everyone contributes his / her own unique knowledge, skills and personal characteristics to us. We share knowledge, devise solutions for our customers, acquire assignments together and do fun things together.

Because everyone contributes to the success of Watson & Associates, Watson & Associates has been ensuring that we are all successful for years. So together we are Watson & Associates!

Free, but not without obligation

We have agreed that we will carry out all assignments that we have acquired through our collaboration from Watson & Associates. After all, growing our business makes Watson & Associates stronger. And a stronger Watson & Associates makes our clients and ourselves stronger. This is not a short-term strategy: within Watson & Associates we invest in long-term relationships with each other and with our clients.

As an independent entrepreneur, associates do not have to commit themselves exclusively to Watson & Associates, but everyone does actively contribute: sharing knowledge, investing time in propositions and doing assignments from Watson & Associates. Because we all do that, there is plenty for everyone. Working together within Watson & Associates therefore means freedom, but not without obligation.

Collaboration within Watson & Associates means freedom, but not noncommittal

Financial model

We use a very simple and transparent financial model for our internal cooperation. 3% of the fee that we can charge our clients is used to cover the costs of Watson & Associates. This includes: rental of our offices, memberships and accreditations, IT cloud services, corporate identity, office supplies, catering, events, marketing, and more. Watson & Associates does not have expensive overheads. We like to keep it that way, because that way we maximize the added value for our clients and associates.

A reimbursement of 7% of the invoiced turnover for a maximum of one year applies as reimbursement for the person who has acquired the assignment.

These agreements apply to all associates and partners within Watson & Associates. Fair, clear and simple.


We ensure that the growth of our network of associates and partners keeps pace with the growth of our joint business. In this way we ensure that we remain relevant for each other from a business perspective, also in the long term.

Associates and partners fit well within the mindset that we find important at Watson & Associates: open, honest, professional and team play! In addition, new associates add new knowledge, skills or personality to the existing whole.

Everyone within Watson is willing to introduce each other to each other's contacts and relationships. This means that we trust and respect each other 100%. So we set the bar high for ourselves. This is important to be able to provide top quality services and to guarantee the continuity of Watson & Associates.

Do you want to explore the possibility of working with us? As an associate, or perhaps as a client?

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