Our drive: improvements with lasting results

We work with our clients on strategic changes and transformations. Changes are meaningful to us when they lead to demonstrable improvements with lasting results for the organization.

Our approach: independent, customized and collaboration

As an organization consultancy, we work from a broad perspective network of independent and entrepreneurial professionals. This way we maintain our independent fresh perspective and we can use the right combination of knowledge and experience for every issue. We apply proven methods flexibly, tailor-made for our clients. We work with them on lasting results in an open, committed atmosphere.

Our work: consultancy, management, training & coaching

We assist organizations with strategic changes and transformations. We use our extensive experience and knowledge in areas such as lean, agile, organizational development, business and IT. Together with our clients we work on integrated and multidisciplinary solutions at the heart of the organization. The human factor is central here. We help individuals and teams to develop. This way changes are guaranteed, with demonstrable and lasting impact.

Watson Excellent Operations

Watson Excellent Operations achieves breakthroughs and successful transformations in the operational performance of organizations.

Watson & Associates Academy

Watson & Associates offers quality training and coaching. We support organizations and professionals in their development with training and recognized certification.

SMart Service Management

With SMart we offer practical and sustainable Service Management solutions. The SMart approach is smart, simple and flexible. The human factor is central here.

People & Team Performance

Our experts and certified coaches expose human potential and help with the development of high performing teams and leadership.

Our clients: work for organizations where we have a positive impact

Every day we work to make fans of our clients. We work for organizations where we can have a lasting positive impact on strategic goals. Our clients come from the market sectors: healthcare & welfare, financial institutions. (de) central governments, business services, trade & logistics and construction.

How can we help you?

How can we help you? We would like to get in touch. Send us a message with your question or make an appointment to meet us in person at our office in Moordrecht or Alkmaar.